Rumen Fluid, Washers, Plastisol, Soap, U Bolt

Rumen Fluid, Washers for Cannulae, Plastisol and Hardener, Hand Soap, U Bolt

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#UBOLT U-Bolt added to stopper

U-Bolt added to stopper (order stopper separately)

Sterilized Rumen Fluid, 200 ml (#SRF)

200 mls (7 oz) Sterilized Rumen Fluid
From $148.50

Fresh Rumen Fluid, 1 liter (#FRF)

Fresh Rumen Fluid, 1 liter

Plastisol, 1 Gallon

Bar Diamond Plastisol, 1 Gallon.

Plastisol, Hardener 1lb

1 lb. Hardener for Plastisol

#SCS Small Circular Plastisol Sheet

#SCS Small Circular Plastisol Sheet, 8" 20cm

#LCS Large Circular Plastisol Sheet

Large Circular Washer, 13" 33cm

#LRC Large Rectangular Plastisol Sheet

Large Rectangular Washer, 10.5" x 16.5"

#CP1 Clean+ Hand Soap with Lanolin

#CP1 Hand Soap with Lanolin